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We provide the children with a healthy snack both mid-morning and afternoon. The children are given the option of milk or water and are always given fruit. They also have a variety of other healthy nibbles such as Brioche, bread sticks, fruit loaf and plain popcorn. The children always love to get involved in the food preparation and this is great for developing a healthy lifestyle in the future.

Lunch is freshly cooked and delivered to us by Kidz Kitchen and is always a hot, nutritious and healthy meal and includes a dessert and fresh fruit.


The Kindergarten will be open 51 weeks a year closing only for Bank Holidays and Christmas week.


We aim to provide stimulating play. This will include a certain amount of "messy play" e.g. sand, water, paint, glue etc., in a day’s activity. Whilst every precaution will be taken with protective clothing, the nursery cannot guarantee your child's clothes. It is advisable, therefore, that children are not dressed in their "best" clothes.

Spare clothes are kept in case of accidents, please wash and return these as soon as possible.


Please do not bring your child to the nursery if he or she is obviously unwell.

Should your child be taken ill during the day, their temperature will be taken and a telephone call made giving full details to either available parent.

All staff have current Safeguarding and a First Aid Training. 

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