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The Kindergarten & Pre-school group are situated on Tentercroft Street in Lincoln City Centre. It is less than a 5 minute walk from the Bus and Railway Station. It is also within easy reach of the University and has a Medical Centre around the corner. It has very easy access from all parts of town and adequate drop off and parking facilities.


Our baby room provides a cosy and stimulating area for our youngest children, the under 2ís. The small group of 9 children ensures that all children are provided with high quality care and each child is valued as an individual.

As well as a large play room the baby room has a separate sleep room. A cosy and quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the main room.

The baby room routine is flexible to ensure that all childrenís sleep and meal routines are considered as well as involving a number of stimulating activities to support individual development.

 We use treasure baskets, natural resources as well as baby babble time to ensure all children have access to a multi-sensory experience.


The toddlers are based downstairs and have access to two play rooms. Children can explore our messy areas and water trays and also have access to role-play such as shoe shops, doctors or vets depending on their interests. We have a cosy corner where the children can have a rest or read a story.

Each child, as in all the rooms, has their own key person and this key person will plan activities based on each individualís needs development or interests. This means that each child has something that will interest them and motivate them to become active learners.


The pre-school have access to a large space. We encourage the children to develop personal and social skills and to become more and more independent. The children select their own resources and are actively involved in preparing their own snacks.

Activities are once again based upon the childís own interest and are planned to challenge each child.

Once a week the pre-school children go on a trip in the afternoon and learn about our surroundings and our community. Trips this term have included the cathedral, pets at home, library and the collection museum.


Our garden is large and spacious and we ensure we provide children with the same quality learning experience that we provide indoors. We go out in all weathers and the children benefit from natural and open ended large scale equipment that they do not have access to indoors.

We have a cosy corner where children can watch the birds at the bird table or have a story. A number of dens to explore as well as a digging area to search for worms or even treasure. Also a climbing frame to help develop gross motor skills.

We have a number of resources for children to develop their physical skills including bikes, cars, scooters and large wooden building bricks.